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FAQ for ship car and motocycle to Sabah Sarawak

FAQ for ship car and motocycle to Sabah Sarawak including best method
  The Shipping involves the customs authorities only, and the vehicle will not be checked by the JPJ nor the Traffic Police.
  Car owners may delegate another individual when sending and receiving stations. Vehicles can be sent through representatives. Sir / madam will not have any problems with the condition that all the necessary documents were available. 
It is encouraged for sir / madam to bring documentation that explains sir / madam is transferred. This will facilitate sir / madam to obtain a letter of release from the bank.
  The ship that we use to send vehicles sir / madam is a special vessel for carrying vehicles. So, sir / madam should not worry because there is no other container in the vessel. Apparent new vehicles delivered from the company’s Toyota and Perodua to Sabah and Sarawak also use this type of ship.
  It is highly encouraged for sir / madam to book 1 month in advance as to alert sir / madam vehicle delivery to Sabah and Sarawak. We are always fully booked, so if sir / madam booked late, sir / madam might have to wait for the next shipment.
  Dear Sir / madam only need to send it to our office and so my employees will bring the vehicle to the port. Thus, sir / madam do not have to waste time waiting to send your vehicles into the ship. You only need to send and receive your vehicle as specified in your document.
Yes. all the costs listed include customs clearance. You have to pay no extra money again for the delivery of you vehicle.
  Both of these methods are often used in transmission of vehicles. In roro shipment the parking is a layered system (such as multi-storey parking places) in the vessel. This is a typical roro ship transporting vehicles and no other container. This method is widely used by vehicle dealer companies such as Toyota, Honda Accord and Toyota.